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Cottage Grove firm finds room for growth in Hastings

Machinists at ABM Machining Inc. were cramped in their Cottage Grove facility.

The business started in Cottage Grove in 1992, but they were expanding.

"We needed a bigger facility," said owner/operations manager Sulman


About two months ago, the company moved to a much larger building in the Hastings Business Park.

ABM Machining designs custom machinery using a computer-aided machining system, Hafiz explained. Customers submit a printed plan that shows what they need made. If they need to, staff will design the piece. The plan is entered into a computer, which creates a solid model and generates a code. The code is then entered into the machines, machinists load the machines with a solid block of material and the necessary tools, and the machine makes the part.

The computer system saves machinists a considerable amount of time.

"In the old days, you'd put it on a lathe machine," Hafiz said of machining projects.

One reason the business wanted to move to a bigger building was because they wanted to do more fabrication. It's an aspect they've always done, but their former small space restricted how much they could do.

"Coming over just makes us more flexible," Hafiz said.

ABM Machining works mostly with companies, including large companies

like 3M and Anderson Windows. But every once in a while a farmer will

need a part, Hafiz said.

"And we try to accommodate them as best we can," he said.

Styx reports for the Hastings Star-Gazette, which like the South Washington County Bulletin is owned by Forum Communications Co.